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Website optimization, especially, news website optimization is different from others. One has to keep certain key things in mind while doing that. This article talks about various considerations to be made while optimizing a standard news website.

Is your website all about news? Then it must be optimized for search engines with different strategies.

The first and foremost thing you have to do is build a really informative website with separate news sections for different news or updates. If your news site follows what some popular sites like the Huffington Post or The Guardian are doing then chances are that your website is indexed quickly too and is getting a decent placement in Google search results.

As per Google, sharing news is not marketing and hence one has to think or try something completely different while optimizing a news website.


This applies to all websites, but with the colossal number of people checking the news on their mobile devices, you want to make sure this is done right on your news site. AMP’s goal is to let someone view articles instantly on a mobile device, instead of loading a full-size desktop site or all the fancy stuff we build on our responsive website. AMP strips away all fancy designs and things and focuses on delivering key content as soon as possible.


You want your news site to be indexed and crawled by Google. But you’ve noticed that it doesn’t happen as quickly as you hoped. There are certain things, following the crawling rate of your website can be improved. Make sure to have an xml sitemap available for your site. However, don’t create a sitemap using a traditional sitemap generator. Instead, use the SEO News plugin to get it done.

If you can’t add a sitemap, seek help from experts. Don’t just wait and keep trying for yourself. Remember one very important thing. Avoid creating a new sitemap for every new article shared on your website.

The crawl rate will also be increased if you spend time after time posting new articles on your news website. If Googlebot finds fresh things on your website with every crawl, it will come to your website over and over again. It also means that you need to have a concrete hosting server, so that your website runs out every time Googlebot visits your site. That’s so Googlebot can basically cause downtime, if it visits your site too often and your server is crappy.


You’ve shared a blog or an article on your news website and just posted it. This is not the way you have to work to run your website properly. It is important that you place articles on one site, testimonials on the other and so on. You should consult a senior website analyst or optimizer to find the structure in the correct format.

You have to follow certain steps to get it done:

  • Evaluate your website category
  • Add sub-categories and tags wherever needed
  • Adding pagenation
  • Get rid of outdated content
  • Added unique and updated content


Prominent tags can be used to emphasize your original reporting. It is for the news that you, as a news association, have formed yourself. This may lead to Google listing it as “featured” in the news results.

We said valediction to the Meta keyword a while back, but Google still uses a variant of that tag: the Meta news keyword. Only for Google News, parenthetically. It’s not magic that will get your Ranking improved, but it helps Google News to establish what your articles are. There is no point in using this tag when you are not on Google News.


It is imperative that you continue to feed your news website with fresh, correct and new content. This will help your site to be indexed faster than before. Get used to it.

Remember, Google loves fresh and informative content. So, avoid posting generic articles or other posts. Another benefit of sharing fresh and updated content is that your audience will be able to see and read updated news and hence, the likelihood will increase that they will keep visiting your news website again and again.


Stop assuming you know everything. It is always good that you consult para specialist who has better knowledge and experience in website optimization. They will be able to guide you in optimizing your news website.


There are many things that can be done to get a fully optimized website. Apart from monitoring the crawl rate, load times, keyword tags and structure of the website, there are many other things you can do. HenceFeature Articles, you should get in touch with professional website analysts and optimizers to get the job done with perfection.